Santa Cruz

1. Pro-Nino Desnutrido, PRONIDES (Center For Malnourished Children)
This organization provides day care services for malnourished children. They feed the children and take care of them so that their mothers may work. ABW donated $1,100 in 2010 to this organization.

2. ASOMER, Hogar de la Esperanza (Home for Hope)
In 2010 the ABW donated $1,100 to this organization.

3. Hogar de la Esperanza para Hijas e Hijos de los Presos de la Carcel de Palmaosla. The second recipient of the Matilde Carmona v de Busch Fund. Board of Directors of the Association of Bolivian Women approved a $3,000 donation to help the children of those imprisoned at the Palmaosla Prison.