The Association of Bolivian Women (ABW) of the Washington Metropolitan Area
is initiating a contest for the design of a new logo.

Founded in 1963, the mission of the Association is to assist organizations throughout Bolivia
that serve primarily underprivileged children, women and the elderly in three key areas: health,
education, and shelter


1. The new logo should attempt to depict the mission of the Association as described above.
However, we do not expect to have all aspects of the mission represented in the design.

2. We request that members of the Association disseminate information about this contest and
encourage their friends and relatives to submit logo designs.

3. The same person may submit more than one design.

4. Contestants should submit designs to the following e-mail: ABWlogocontest@gmail.com
indicating their full name and phone number.

5. Clarification questions should be addressed in writing to above e-mail address.

6. The logo will become exclusive property of the Association to be used on publications and
public information.

7. FORMAT: Designs should be submitted in jpeg, 300 dpi, 10” x 10”.

8. DUE DATE: August 31, 2017


1. The Board of Directors of the Association will make the final selection of the logo.

2. To ensure transparency and avoid conflict of interest, members of the Board and their
immediate family are not eligible to participate in this contest.

3. All entries will be received by the Association webmaster, who will assign a number to each
entry and submit entries to the Board anonymously. The Board members will learn the name of
the winning contestant once the final selection has been made, and the winning contestant will
be notified immediately.

4. The winning design will be officially announced at the Association’s Anniversary Gala to be
held in November 2017. The winner will receive two invitations for the event, a plaque and will
be recognized in the Khantuta and web page.

Thank you.

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