Khantuta Newsletter

The name of the ASSOCIATION OF BOLIVIAN WOMEN of the Washington DC Metropolitan Area's newsletter is Khantuta.

Khantuta in Spanish is published monthly. Khantuta in English is issued three times a year.

Khantuta is the national flower of Bolivia, it has red, yellow and green colors, just like the flag.

Khantuta production:
Beatriz Bedoya 
Norma Benner
Maricurz Pinto_Fugon

Click Here to download our latest newsletter which talks about our 50 years of Life and Action.

If you wish to receive Khantuta, monthly newsletter, via email, please request your Khantuta in writing to: Beatriz Bedoya  and send a donation of $12 per year for our projects in Bolivia to:

Beatriz Bedoya - ABW
5225 Pooks Hill Road
Apt 916 - South
Bethesda, MD 20814

And include the following information: 

DONATION:  $12 for Khantuta  for non-members

$_______________ For ABW projects in Bolivia (*Tax deductible)




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