1. Voluntariado del Psiquiatrico San Juan de Dios (Volunteers of the Psychiatric Hospital
San Juan de Dios)

The volunteers support the needs of the patients, adolescents and adults, i.e.buying medicines and other primary necessities. ABW donated $1,100 in 2010. Read a letter (in Spanish) from one of our associates' visit to the hospital.

2. Asociacion Sindrome Down (Down Syndrome Association)
In 2010, the ABW donated $1,270 to this organization. 

3. Fundacion Amanecer
This foundation helps educate poor children.  In 2008, the ABW gave $1,000 to this foundation.

Also, the ABW gave $1,000 to the Fundacion in memory of Yolanda McKay to help support its goal of educating children.