La Paz

1. Comite Damas Voluntarias del "Hospital de la Mujer , Seccion de Maternidad" (Women's Hospital Volunteers, Maternity Ward )
These women volunteers help new mothers and their children at the hospital. The ABW supports the work of these volunteers with yearly donations. In 2010, ABW sent $1,100.

2. Asociacion de Voluntariadas del Hospital del Nino "Ovidio Aliaga Uria".
The ABW donated $1,100 to this association in 2010.

3. Centro Educativo "Camino" Para Ninos Sordos (School for Deaf Children)
This center helps deaf children by providing training, education, and technical support.  They teach children Spanish and sign language. In 2009 the ABW donated $300 to this organization. Read a 2006 site report (in Spanish) about Centro Camino.

4. Fundacion Arco Iris (Arco Iris Foundation, Home for Street Children)
in 2010 members of the ABW donated $600 in memory of Walter Galindo to this organization.

The ABW donated $2,500 in 2009 to help rescue children from the street. Fundacion Arco Iris was the first recipient of the Matilde Carmona v. de Busch Fund.

SPECIAL PROJECT Shoes for Needy Children Towards the end of June 2010, the ABW sent $800 to the Fundacion Arco Iris, La Paz to help buy new shoes for street children.  This amount does not cover all of their costs, especially now that winter is approaching in Bolivia.  We invite all our members and friends to help support this project.  The cost of a pair of good winter shoes is $20.00.  If you would like to help, please see our DONATE page. 100% of your donation goes towards the purchase of shoes.

5. Universidad Agricola Carmen Pampa, Coroico (University of Agriculture)
In 2009, the ABW donated $1000 towards the university's scholarship fund.

6. Hogar de Ancianos San Ramon.
in 2009, the ABW donated $600 to thelp card for the homeless elderly.

7. Asilo San Ramon 
In reponse to an urgent need, the ABW approved sending $500 to this organization in 2010.

8. Voluntarias del Hospital Bizantino, Miraflores, La Paz
In 2010, members of the ABD donated $250 to  this organization.

9. Carmen Pampa Scholarship Fund, Coroico, La Paz
In 2010, member sof the ABW donated $500 to this organization.